Newport-Madarao Jazz Festival History

Jazz Festival in midsummer that succeeds
tradition of the Newport


Historical the 1st "Newport Jazz Festival" had been held in the resort of the port at Rhode Island state in United States in 1954 at night before the hard bop was born. The Big name of Dizzy Gillespie, MJQ, the Jerry Mulliganm, Oscar Peterson, E. Fitzgerald, Leicester young, and Billie Holiday, etc. appears in the festival for two days(17,18 July) in the town crowded as a summer resort. 13,000 spectators gathered and it concluded quite successfully. Newport came to be acknowledged widely as a pronoun of jazz festival by jazz fun in the world. When the scale (hall and period) was expanded, and movie "Jazz on a Summer's Day" that took a picture of the 5th in 1958 was open to the public since then.
The situation changed completely in 1971 though Newport Jazz Festival was at the position as majors event during 60s.Hippies turned into a mob at night of the second day, the festival was developed in discontinuance, and it had developed into the resolution to assume holding after next year to be discontinuance in Newport City.
The place was moved to New York in 1972. Carnegie Hall, Philharmonic Hall, and Yankee Stadium were revived to the hall as a large-scale city type festival of 600 appearance artists. Afterwards, cool jazz festival New York and the name are changed and it extends to the present. Moreover, it is being held again as JVC jazz festival Newport also in the birthplace Newport now.

To Japan

The crown barrel Newport Jazz Festival came to Japan in such the world in 1982. It started as "Handmade event" by Madarao's volunteers. To begin with, the Madarao was born in 1972 as skiing resort. The volunteers had discussed."Let's make Jazz Madarao's face for summer" and "Let's make it to the one that runs to the world because it does". The 10th anniversary in develop comes in local and the appeal to the Newport Jazz festival attracting starts as commemoration business had begun.It was 1980, two years ago for the 1st festival.In 1981,George Wein of the producer who visited Madarao for the first time was inpressed deeply by the location and people's desires, and holds a plan with "Let's create Jazz village" that can taste the experience of total Jazz" in this ground.

The 1st "Newport Jazz Festaball in Madarao" had finally been held on July 27,1982 with SpyJaira for opening.Based on the concept of "Jazz village", In 1982-1987,the festival was held for five days(Wedensday,Thuresday,Friday, Saturday,Sunday). It came to be completely familiar with Madarao's jazz though it was changed after 1988 and 1990 in three days(on a day and the weekend)in Madarao as the summer feature. Newport and Madarao are summer resort left from the city though there is a difference between beach and high land.The artist shares impression with the audience in rich natural environment. From such a viewpoint,Madarao is a legitimate branch family of the Newport.

View in the future

Ofcourse,It did not go well for 21 current years all. As you know, Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake occurred in1995. As for the festival, the stop was done through necessity for 3years from 1995 to 1998. However, with the zeal of parties and people loving "Madarao" and "Madarao's jazz", It restarted in 1998.Moreover, Nagano Shinkansen and Joshinetsu expressway and Toyota Iiyama IC opened in October in1997 of the festival stop and Madarao became more familiar.

A lot of Big names and budding and spirited artists played on the stage. Moreover,the history of Jazz festival of Madarao has been made with supports by a lot of zeal of people. To tell the truth, entering in this year(2003),Kunio Ogawa who was festival execution chairman at that time and Nakajou who was the vice-chairman of the committee were died after another. It refrained from the 20th holding that became a new turning point next year. However, music evolves in the age. This festival also succeeds predecessors' wills including the both men. It is sure to keep developing into the next generation. (P2003)