AM10 27 July 1982

Episode for Jazz festival in madarao(summer of 2003)

Madarao jazz foundation period

The Madarao was developed as long staying resort for new guests with the pension village and the hotel.The preparation for the memorial event of the tenth anniversary was started. The jazz festival out doors,the seat is a slope of the lawn that is uesed for ski slopes during winter season,was proposed to one of the events.

Jazz festival for Rhode Island resort of Newport in the United States that started in 1954,Documentary movie of the fifth festival, "Jazz on a Summer's Day" in 1958.

To make dream real, thirsty soul fathers (at that time, they were young persons) of pension owners-13 people, who had seen the movie, began to move.The master also had participated in this action. The purpose was to appeal Madarao again, taking the opportunity of the tenth anniversary and to attempt the activation for the region. It was really glad to get the support of Madarao's pension owner, related organizations and various groups cooperation, and understanding. It did not achieve it without them.

Madarao started here

The ideal of an amateur group was number1(strong point of a dauntless amateur from what to what). No.1-resort,No.1-Jazz Fes,No.1-Beer Budweiser and No.1-artists were arranged. When the sound was emitted from the soprano saxophone of Jay Beckenstin"Morning dance" of Spairojaira at AM10, July 27th 1982,Budweiser Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao joined the history of the jazz in Japan. The beer manufacturer was elected as a sponsor. But it is not because of the desire that thirsty soul father can drink the beer free.

Wonderful of Madarao

Jazz picnic in daytime, Jam session at night for five days all day long ,this was an idea of Producer Goregi Wein who made the Madarao jazzed Village. The artists stay in Madarao during the week and they played tennis and softball with the guest at time other than the stage. Artists also were enjoying the Madarao resort. It was the frist case in the jazz festival of the current Japan. And having piled it up are Dizzy Gillespie,Carmen Macree,Jerry mulligan,McCoyTainar, Ron cartor, Freddie Habard,Tommy Williams, Spairojaira, Sato,Hino and the member of Nativesan.
In nature of altitude 1000 meters. lying on the lawn under the sun,Listening to the jazz of favorite artists, enjoying the performance and dancing with the beer. Such a luxurious jazz festival belongs only to Madarao. It is convinced.

From the first to 10th, the sponcer was Budweiser. From 11th to 13th, it was Japan Express. Restart in 1998,From 15th(1999) to 17th(2001),the sponcer was Citbank Private Bank.From 18th(2002) to 19th(2003),the sponcer was Vodafone. With the sponsor's cooperation, 20th anniversary in Madarao jazz Festival comes in 2004 next year(as of 2003). What progress does Madarao jazz who becomes 20 years old in 2004 show? and I am looking forward. And Newport Jazz Festival in America is 50th birth anniversary.

Restraunt Bar Jazzy

The master was related to the Madarao jazz. Jazz and the thirsty soul grow more and more so the 1st floor of the pension was remodeled to the restaurant bar named Jazzy. In the bar,we can always hears jazz. The photograph of nostalgic jazz men fully were hanged on the wall. Many kind of jazz flows all day long. the menu and sake are also abundant. The price is reasonable. Just advertisement for a moment. During the jazz festival week,the staff and parties concerned,of course artist occasionally shows its face. John of the tenth, Ed of the third times.Candy,Papa came last year.I want to drink sake all.

To Producer George Wein and John Philips

It is the previous for as many as 22 another years. Talked about an ambition each other and drink "Powdered green tea" in the hall of my home.
(Photograph: Davit Sanchez(ts) with the master Madarao Jazz festival2003 at Jazzy)

Joshu,the master of Jazzy

The guest usually call the owner father and/or uncle. However, I am glad if everyone call me Joshu.
The next episodes will be continued.

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