AM10 27 July 1982

Jazz museum and madarao trail(Summer of 2005 )

Jazz museum

I went to the Terase pension. The outside of it is normal log cabin. However, the pension was a jazz museum when setting foot on. "Restaurant bar Jazzy" was buried with sound sources such as place and CD and musicians' photographs, magazines, the signature boards, and the stereo equipment.Thing that being actually exhibited is a part of them.

After the supper, we could see the digest image of the stages of Newport jazz festival in Madarao from the first time. I feel the image of the music event of Rock and/or Pop music old-fashioned, by all means. But the performance on these stages of Newport jazz festival in Madarao seen for the first time is very fresh. The music is independent of the fashion in the age.

Mr.Terase talked about the episode of musicians and thier character, etc.while seeing the image. Musicians went out to the town in Iiyama with motorcycle at night. The resident notified the police that the fishy character was wandering in the dark and Mr.Terase went to met.The musician who made an accident with motorcycle and was injured but he performed strongly on the stage. Thermusicians who was performing on the stages were died.
I cannot help feeling the flow of the age. However, the music is very fresh.Tthe performance of the outdoors is one of the reasons.

Madarao Trail

Natural environment of Madarao is rich and abundant. There is a Trail course from restaurant Chirol(on business only during the ski season in winter) to the top of the mountain.So we also challenged. But It began to rain on the hillside in the mountain. We turned back and shelered to Chirol. A staff for Madarao ski area was preparing for summer camp. He took charge of the hall for jazz Fes. The slope that becomes a hall is beautifully maintained. Staff maintain it every year. The state of ski slopes worsens if not maintained. The thing to maintain the mountain is a thing to take notice of nature. It is a considerably hard thing. I respect the zeal that maintains mountain. We were able to experience the nature of abundant Madarao. The stage of Newport jazz festival in Madarao in daytime is called jazz picnic. It is likely to be named from such a place. (15 July 2005,TK)