AM10 27 July 1982

Swing,Swing,Swing (1998)

There was no appearance of Trase Toshihiko(50) when jazz returned to the Madarao after the interval of four years.Newport jazz festival in Madarao started in 1982. It started with the concept of the pension managers in local and Mr.Terase was at the center.After 16 years, a substantial sponsoring had moved to the hotel in this year that revived through the interruption by the sponsor search. Three days from 31 July in this year (Note: 1998). Mr.Terase worked for pension and drugstore and he was listening to the swing music that flowed from the ski area with impatient.

It was at 1972 that Mr.Terase opened the pension at Madarao. After marrieage, he quited company and moved to Madarao,then development for madarao had started. Jazz Festival was a project to which managers at that time had commemorated the tenth anniversary for development. The sponsor is beer company Budweiser of the United States. Budweiser started the import to Japan in 1979 and developed a real expansion of circulation with the mediation of Suntory Limited. The lifestyle of Europe and America such as the rock, jazz, pensions, and the disco booms was extolled. It was a corporate strategy to which it had temporized in the age. "That generation's people have the action power.the reaction is quick" Hideto Watanabe said. He was in an advertising part and related to Festival with Suntory Limited that was the import origin in 1991 years when Badowaiza participated as sponsor at the end. The generation(50years old) positively caught and put the thinking and the culture with new campus activism and/or the economic system. The generation cut age open.We(the next generation) are a little careful. Have not we done predecessor's results?

With the judgment that advertising effects of the outdoors event have fallen by the development of media such as the televisions,Budweiser and Suntory Limited withdraw from the festival. After that the carrying company (Note: NIPPON EXPRESS) became a sponsor.However ponsor was not found in 1995 and it became discontinuance.

In addition to discontinuance,other shocking was coming to Mr.Terase. His wife,Akemi(54,Note: 1998) fell due to brain hemorrhage in December. Akemi had pharmacist's qualification,opened the drugstore at home and had handled the care of meal in the pension. Mr.Terase found Akemi who was falling in the living room. The life was saved. However, the trouble remained on the word ability and the right side of the body. He worried about the uneasiness in the future. Up to now, it has not been thought. "There is no wife. " Akemi had recovered gradually and came to be able to be surroundings. Mr.Terse remembered housework.

His son Isami of 24 years old (Note: 1998),finded employment at the carrier compamy in next spring. He was interested in the acoustic engineering because of the influence that had listened to the jazz of the first class in Festival. Isami voluntarily beats the drum in jazz band and had aimed at the professional.

Even if he called back his guest who got depressed by about 30 percent due to the recession. Mr.Terase opened the pond near his pemmsion for black bass fishing with sponsoring Madarao Tourist Association. There was sales of about 1.2 million yen during 3 and a half months of the summer time in last year. "Inexpensive leisure will be suitable for the recession and still has a long way to go. " Mr.Terase cannot forget the latter half of 80's when jazz festival was climax.Total 12,000 audience gathered on every three days in this year (Note: 1998). At that time, 30,000 people were exceeded.

" Wife's sickness.Festival discontinuance etc.Bringing up a child was finished. It is as for the bloom of another flower. It is not significant if it doesn't swing. (27 August 1998,Asahi Shinbun)