AM10 27 July 1982

I want you to listen to the real music (2003)

At the madarao high land resort in the midsummer, Jazz artist famous in the world performs. Jazz festival is goint to be 19th times in this year (Note: 2003). It was pension manager's action power of Mr. Terase(56) and co-workers.From the urban area of Iyama City,we drove to madarao. Both sides of the road without a folk are mountain.After driving for about 20 minutes,pensions and the tennis courts begin to appear.

Since madarao was developed as a resort in the first half of 70's,it had been crowded.However, the resort stands close together in various places and the number of guests has decreased. "Isn't there something to revitalize?" It was jazz festival that Mr.Terase had worked it out. "Anyway, I want to call the artist of the first class. "At that time, top level jazz festival was Newport in the United States. Mr Terase wrote a letter and producer came to Japan after half a year. "I wanted you to come once by all means" in Japanese and sent airline ticket. Mr.Terase recalls and saying that "It was really surprised because I did not think coming surely".

The producer was pleased with the ski area because it was suitable for the audence seat. Festival of the first time was held in 1982 with commemoration.During 1980,the artist stayed and the appearance to play tennis with the guest was seen. It was atmospher only for Madarao away from the whole town. "At that time, did the flow of time change? I want to comiunicate and keep in touch though there are a lot of artists and guests who return in a day." Mr.Terase says.

The company made with 13 people stops its activity at middle of 90's and the company in Tokyo began to manage the project.However, Mr. Terase knows the past detail all, so he is involved in the festival every year. A Japanese artist visited to pension and said, "It was taken by father when I was small and came". Our guest's returning as an artist. You may do really.In this year(Note:2003),It is held 1~3 August. There is a program that the guest can ask questions to the artist directly.The guest plays a musical instrument together, how to play musical instruments can be taught,if it would be lucky.
"I want to invite school children in local without no charge next year. I want a lot of people to listen to the real music" .20 years or more pass from that. The zeal to jazz just increases.
(Intersection Asahi Shimbun,Nagano northeast June 27, 2003)